[K-News] Girls’ Generation MV “Dancing Queen” to Edit Out Sunny’s Profane Cap


As reported before, Girls’ Generation member Sunny’s cap in the music video “Dancing Queen” has created controversy because it contains swear words. The cap has “WELCOME MOTHERF★CKERS” written on it which the Korean public has found to be inappropriate. Although, it does appear that this was all a part of the Girls’ Generation trying to move away from their usual cute and sweet image.

SM Entertainment has finally decided on damage control. A representative of SM Entertainment stated, on January 3, “We have decided to edit out the scene that is causing controversy. Once we have finished editing, we plan on releasing the edited version of the music video.”

Netizens that have come across the news stated, “So it appears like they are going to edit it,” I wonder what the edited version will look like,” and “For some reason, I feel bitter.”

Source : soompi

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